The animation that started it all!

The original net-famous baby dance

(all still frames and variations from original demo files are 1996 Ron Lussier/Burning Pixel Productions)

        Original BabyCha - GIF'd

The images and animation on this site are for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes,
they may not be sold or re-sold in any form without written permission.
All still frames and variations from any original demo files are 1996-2018 Burning Pixel Productions.

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The dancing baby was created with 3DStudio Max and Character Studio (from Discreet /Kinetix), with demo files that ship with the product.

Baby Dance 1 (The original net versions) - Animation by Michael Girard, Robert Lurye & Ron Lussier

New Dance (BabyGrvW.mov) - Animation by Ron Lussier and Michael Girard

Deformation/Enveloping by John Chadwick / Ron Lussier.

Baby ("toddler with diaper") model by Viewpoint Digital (bought out, no longer exists)

Video/GIF animation files produced by Ron Lussier


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